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Terry Burnside was born and raised in Peoria, IL to Teddy Burnside and Ida Matthews. He is the 3rd oldest out of four children including his brother Victor Burnside whom he lost to a car accident and his other brother Kevin Burnside whom he lost to gun violence. Before these traumatic events, the Burnside Brothers had a great relationship and spent a lot of time with each other, and developed a passion for cars. Living in the city of Peoria was difficult which resulted in becoming a product of his environment. Mr. Burnside struggled with finding a healthy way to cope with the loss of his brothers and not having a positive male role model at the time. He continued to find himself in negative situations that resulted in him spending a third of his life incarcerated. Terry realized that with the right support, resources, counseling, and opportunities he can navigate through life and live up to his self - actualization. 


Since his transformation, he is now a single father, grandfather, role model, mentor, business owner, multiple homeowners, and recipient of the 2021 “Humanitarian” Award from the NAACP. Burnside has also received the Martin Luther King “Drum Major” award in 2017 for "Community Activist'' and an award from Community Stakeholders for “Stop the Violence” in the City of Peoria. Terry’s hard work will continue with the new programs and structure of the House of Hope Peoria. INC.

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