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About Us.

Our History

Altering lifestyles since 2007.

P Town Car Club. INC original Frontline Outreach Staff from 2007 are all successful businesses, homes and started their own families. Our previous Outreach/ Credible Messengers utilized sports cars to connect with at-risk adults and youth to build rapport and develop a relationship which resulted in them becoming a mentor for them. In 2017 our Credible Messengers provided conflict resolution, group mediations and de-escalation for ongoing disputes. They also conducted Peace Treaty opportunities and established non-aggression agreements to opposing groups/ gangs. Their hard work resulted in 100% NO Gang/ Group Related shootings in 2017 within the city of Peoria, IL.

We are a dynamic, diverse and 100% dedicated volunteer group who share a common desire to improve the channels of success for the youth of Peoria. Over the years, our members have touched the lives of hundreds of youth and the broader community by establishing a variety of programs that address education, mentoring and economic empowerment. One of our key objectives is to close the achievement gap between our participants and their peers in all aspects of their lives. 

House of Hope Peoria. INC will utilize the same successful approach in 2017 while adding Mental Health Counseling components and increasing our data to display our successes on a larger platform. This includes also increasing our partnerships with other organizations because we understand that we cannot decrease violence on our own anymore.  


Our Mission

Altering lifestyles.

The House of Hope Peoria, INC is devoted to the community by providing a holistic approach that will assist our participants' mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We believe that we can support our community by utilizing Trauma-Informed Care in the highest at-risk areas to decrease violence within our community.


Our Vision

House of Hope Peoria. INC Vision is to educate our community on Trauma-Informed Care using the (TIC) "Four R's" approach. This will support our staff, participants and community by realizing the impact of trauma, recognizing the signs of trauma, respond to the trauma by developing coping skills, and Resists re-traumatization by using resources.


Our Goal

House of Hope Peoria. INC goal is to save our youth lives, decrease violence, alter participant's lifestyles while promoting peace to our community.

Problem Statement

The city of Peoria violence has increased including over 30 homicides to date. According to a research study determined that individuals who live in high trauma exposed environments will have a common outcome of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Depression. Surveys were provided to 617 patients, which consist of (96% African Americans) who were seeking help in a waiting room at primary care facility. Out of 617 participants (65%) reported being exposed to a traumatic event. Theses exposures consist of transportation accidents, sudden unexpected death of loved one, physical assault, assault with a weapon and sexual assault (Alim, 2006).  


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