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Case Management

Overview - Competencies - Goals

The Case Management program provides short- and long-term services while utilizing
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). Short-term services include rental/housing assistance,
transportation, medical supplies, etc. Long-term service consists of a 12-week, structured program which
includes weekly check-ins, activities, and a care plan agreement between the participant and their assigned
Client Navigator. All participants will receive assistance with resources such as continued education,
mental health, substance abuse, anger management, nonviolence training, job readiness, and support/focus
groups. Participants will use SMART Goals to develop coping skills, build resilience, and identify
individuals to serve as their support team.



A. (Activating Situation): Identifying the event or events that cause negative feelings and emotions.

B. (Irrational Belief): Identifying the participant’s beliefs about the inciting event.

C. (Consequences): Identifying the emotional and psychological consequences of the participant’s

D. (Dispute): Participant is challenged to dispute their irrational beliefs.

E. (Effective New Thinking): Replacing old, harmful beliefs and habits with positive ones utilizing CBT and creating both short and long term SMART Goals.

Our Goals

We believe our participants continuously find themselves in situations that could be resolved by changing irrational beliefs to rational beliefs. The goal is to help them make this shift by providing them with the resources, skills, and techniques to address negative thoughts which can be the result of generational trauma, traumatic events, and/or the lack of a positive support system.

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