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Non-Violence Training

Overview - Competencies - Goals

We will conduct a 20-hour, 2-part Non-violence Training for staff, participants, and the
community. Staff will undergo a 2-week training that consists of Emotional Intelligence with a Mental
Health Counselor and Trauma-Informed Care from a Credible Messenger. We believe that generational,
environmental, and historical trauma causes anger, depression, PTSD, and anxiety which results in
violence and harm to the self and others. We believe that utilizing our Trauma-Informed Care (TIC)
the model will support our staff and community by Realizing the impact of trauma, Recognizing the signs of
trauma, Respond to the trauma by developing coping skills, and Resist re-traumatization by using our


Emotional Intelligence Competencies:

Self-Awareness - Participants of the training will understand their personal and environmental
trauma and realize the effect it has on their behavior and emotional well-being. 

Self-Regulation - Participants of the training will develop coping skills to manage any negative
emotions that occur during self-awareness.

Empathy -  Participants of the training will learn the importance of empathy vs. sympathy and
how to properly display these reactions for themselves and others.

Social Skills  -  Participants of the training will have the opportunity to practice Self Awareness,
Self-Regulation and Empathy by supporting someone who is currently not aware. This is the first
step towards becoming a Peace Ambassador.

Self-Motivation - The final step of Emotional Intelligence consists of creating SMART Goals and
a vision board to identify personal goals and aspirations. 

Emotional Intelligence Competencies:

Safety: We will take steps to ensure our staff and participants are both physically and
psychologically safe.


Trustworthiness: Interactions with our participants will be conducted with transparency to build and maintain trust and developing healthy relationships.

Peer Support: Staff across all programs will work together to provide a wrap-around approach for each of our participants to establish safety, build trust, and fostering a sense of empowerment.

Collaboration: Our staff recognizes that everyone has a role to play in a trauma-informed approach and that healing happens when there is mutual respect amongst team members.


Empowerment: Our Executive Director understands that everyone's experience is unique which prompted him to start a Nonprofit to provide an individualized approach for all our participants.

Cultural and Historical Issues: Our Nonviolence Training will leverage the healing values of the traditional cultural connection while addressing historical trauma.

Our Goals

The goal is to establish Peace Ambassadors within the community who can influence others to choose peace instead of violence. This will be accomplished by conducting conflict mediation and resolution utilizing Emotional Intelligence and Trauma-Informed Care. 

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