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We believe in Robert Woodson's famous quote that “What I have learned is that solutions are usually found among those closest to those suffering the problem – not necessarily the people with the most university degrees or political titles, but those grassroots leaders who have experienced the issue firsthand. Most have the title “ex” in their biography – ex-drug dealer, ex-convict, ex-gang member. They are effective not just because they understand the problem but because they enjoy the trust and confidence of those they serve and mentor. They are also able to convince people to adopt an attitude of resilience instead of helplessness.”



We ensure our staff and participants are both physically and psychologically safe. 


Peer Support

We values Peer Support with our understanding that it will take outside partners, government officials, community leaders, clergy, law enforcement and the community to work together using a wrap-around approach to decrease the violence. This value also assists with building trust, establishing safety and empowerment.



Our Founder Mr. Burnside understands that everyone's experience is unique which prompted him to start a Nonprofit. We value empowerment because of the importance of strengthen our staff, participants and community unique experience and find the positive



Our programs and services are program with transparency with the gal of building and maintaining trust among staff, participants and community.



The House of Hope Peoria staff recognize that everyone has a role to play in a trauma - informed approach in the healing happens when there is mutual respect among the team, which is why we value Collaboration


Cultural and Historical Issues

Our Nonviolence Training will leverage the healing values of traditional cultural connection while addressing historical trauma, identifying generational violence traits, stereotypes / biases and an understanding of them impact their environment has on their behaviors.


Our Values

God separated us, to educate us. 

Terry Burnside 

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