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Outreach Program

Overview - Competencies - Goals

Our Outreach Team will play a vital role in the city of Peoria by canvassing communities that are considered high crime areas. They will serve as Credible Messengers bringing peace by utilizing the Trauma-Informed Care approach and mentoring our youth. Our outreach program will provide short- and long-term support. Short-term support consists of a 30-day, Solution-focused Brief Therapy approach designed to assist participants who need support fast. This approach concentrates on finding solutions in the present time and assessing the participant’s hope for the future. Our short-term participants are motivated and want to see improvement in their life but need a mentor to help shape and support their efforts. These participants will shadow the outreach team, give back to the community, participate in weekly activities and receive a weekly $50 stipend. The long-term approach will utilize a Trauma-Informed Care approach using the following competencies.



Safety: We will take steps to ensure our staff and participants are both physically and psychologically safe.

Trustworthiness: Interactions with our participants will be conducted with transparency to build and maintain trust and developing healthy relationships.

Peer Support: Staff across all programs will work together to provide a wrap-around approach for each of our participants to establish safety, build trust, and fostering a sense of empowerment.

Collaboration: Our staff recognizes that everyone has a role to play in a trauma-informed approach and that healing happens when there is mutual respect amongst team members.

Empowerment: Our Executive Director understands that everyone's experience is unique which prompted him to start a Nonprofit to provide an individualized approach for all our participants. Cultural and Historical Issues: Our Nonviolence Training will leverage the healing values of the traditional cultural connection while addressing historical trauma 

Our Goals

The Outreach staff will focus on youth and adults who are at risk of being harmed or harming someone else by providing mentorship and guidance. They will also canvass the community as Credible Messengers providing conflict resolution and mediations among rival groups or individuals. We believe that mentorship, a boots-on-the-ground approach, and evidence-based Trauma-Informed Care techniques will go a long way toward decreasing violence within our community.

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