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Overview - Competencies - Goals

The House of Hope Peoria. INC Reentry program is designed to assist participants to navigate
their new lives outside of the justice system and reduce the chances of recidivism. This can be
accomplished by assisting our participants to understand, manage, and express their emotions in a healthy
way as well as an understanding of the emotions of others. The Emotional Intelligence approach will assist
our participants by understanding the generational curse and how their environment alter their emotions and
behaviors. Our participants will be establishing skills and techniques for their personal lives, but also
assist others in the community; especially with Non – Aggression Agreements for our potential Outreach


Curriculum Competencies:

Self-Awareness - Our participants will begin our program by recognizing one’s emotions, values, strengths, and limitations. This includes gaining accurate self-perception, gaining self-confidence, and recognizing one’s needs.

Self-Management - The next step consists of managing emotions and behaviors to achieve one’s goals. This includes impulse and stress control, motivation, discipline, perseverance, goal setting and organizational skills.

Empathy -  The participants will move on to the next step which is Empathy. We will provide skills having an insight into the emotional state of others. Understanding the emotions of others allows one to react appropriately to the situation at hand and reduces the chance for misinterpretation and over-reaction. This will also distinguish the difference between sympathy and empathy while practicing it on yourself first.

Social Skills -  Once our participants have developed a clear understanding of self-awareness, self-management, and empathy they will practice their techniques within the community while canvassing the blocks, attending events and pop-ups.

Responsible Decision Making - With self-motivation, there is a sense of accomplishment, self-worth, and pride. A motivated, emotionally intelligent individual is passionate with a sense of purpose which is bound to have a positive effect on the community.

Our Goals

The goal is to utilize an Emotional Intelligence approach which will equip participants with the skills necessary to reduce recidivism which will ultimately decrease violence within our community. These techniques may help individuals personally to ensure that they cannot only get a job but
keep one, while providing tools to assist others as potential Outreach staff.

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