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Workforce Development 

Overview - Competencies - Goals

The Workforce Development program provides participants with the necessary skills, tools, and techniques to obtain, maintain and excel at a new job. Participants will focus on developing verbal and written communication skills, problem-solving skills, interviewing skills, and resume building. We will use a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) approach which will help participants understand their emotions, achieve their goals, empathize with others, maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Coping Mechanisms, Effective Communication, SMART Goals and
Self Care is the techniques participants will learn during the course of this program.


Curriculum Competencies:

Self-Awareness - Recognizing one’s emotions, values, strengths, and limitations. This includes gaining accurate self-perception, gaining self-confidence, and recognizing one’s needs.

Self-Management - Managing emotions and behaviors to achieve one’s goals. This includes impulse and stress control, motivation, discipline, perseverance, goal setting, and organizational skills.

Social-Awareness -  Showing understanding and empathy for others of diverse backgrounds. This includes the ability to interact with people appropriately.

Relationship Skills  -  Forming positive relationships, working in teams, and dealing effectively with conflicts. This includes resisting peer pressure, working cooperatively, conflict management, effective communication, building relationships, and seeking help when necessary.

Responsible Decision-Making - Making ethical, constructive choices regarding personal and social behavior. This includes evaluating situations, identifying and solving problems, accepting personal responsibility, and considering the consequences of one’s actions. 

Our Goals

To have our participants display the following skills and behaviors:
- Empathy for others
- To become socially aware
- To develop self-management skills
- To recognize, understand and process their emotions
- The ability to solve problems
- Impulse control
- Positive assertiveness
- Effective communication

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